Stroke – F.A.S.T. – Be able to apply First Aid.

This year, the National Stroke Foundation utilised technology to help Australians understand what a stroke is and remember the warning signs using the FAST test.A new interactive website was launched with digital imagery to help people understand what happens in the brain when a stroke occurs.You can:

  • Listen to a call to an ambulance
  • Listen and view stroke survivor stories
  • Find out which parts of the body the brain stroke affects
  • Watch the FAST television commercial
  • Take a FAST quiz to see how quickly you can recognise the signs and then forward the FAST test to family and friends.


In addition to the new website, an iPhone application is available with information about stroke. The application helps you with the FAST test and to recognise the signs of stroke. There is also a FAST quiz to time how quickly you can respond and locations of public hospitals with stroke units. 
The FAST campaign maintains the recognisable black and yellow wording and images which continue to highlight the importance of acting FAST at the first signs of stroke.

  • View the TV advertisement

This information and advertising is from the National Stroke Foundation. If you would like more information regarding strokes please visit the webpage Please help the Stroke Foundation help people become aware or risks, treatments and prevention of strokes. Simple Instruction has ordered 500 cards and a number of posters that we will distribute throughout the year at our Apply First Aid and Perform CPR training courses on the Northern Beaches.

Our next course  on the Northern Beaches: Saturday the 16/10/10 at the Brookvale Hotel. Please book yourself into an Apply First Aid or Perform CPR training course by following the links on the website. .