Warriewood Child Care – Apply First Aid and Perform CPR

Thanks to Warriewood Child Care staff who were friendly, fun, and very willing to learn. We had a fantastic and relaxed afternoon of training with students satisfactorily completing their Perform CPR and Apply First Aid certificates.

Simple Instruction now has infant manikins and a defibrillator that the staff were able to practice their resuscitation and basic first aid skills that is most relevant to them.

Thank you to the staff for sharing stories and helping each other through past experiences. Your own input into the training course kept the content relevant and was very enjoyable for me as a trainer and the group as a whole.

Thank you again from Ian and Simple Instruction.

Please remember that Simple Instruction conducts private bookings for First Aid and CPR training courses and we can be flexible coming to your facility at a time that suits you.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Simple Instruction will be conducting Apply First Aid and Perform CPR training courses on January 15th and February 12th in 2011. I look forward to your continued support on our beautiful Northern Beaches.