1 Day First Aid Course on Sydney’s, Northern Beaches.

Simple Instruction conducts 1 day Apply First Aid Course HLTFA311A on the Northern Beaches and to many Private companies / businesses across Sydney, wider NSW and the AC T. Courses have been used as part of team building workshops, course requirements, Duke of Edinburgh training and general safety within the workplace.

The course is to the point, delivered in a friendly manner and is always fun, interactive and informative. The information below outlines how you can become a student in one of Simple Instruction’s Apply (Senior) First Aid HLTFA311A training courses.


Brookvale Hotel or classroom setup


10am to 4pm on the course date you have chosen


Accreditation is conducted under the auspices and in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd Registered Training Organisation number 90909 and ABN 63 114 756 857.

Course Requirements

1. Fill out the enrolment form and nominate a course date. (This Can be easily done by a simple phone call or email.)

2. Completed workbook (online workbook or paper workbook) prior to course date. If choosing the paper workbook it must be completed fully and handed in at the end of 6hr face-to-face instruction. If you are completing the online workbook you must have a green tick next to each topic showing you have completed 100% of the workbook. It is important that you print this page off and bring it to the course you are attending. Evidence of completed workbooks is a pre-requiste in receiving accreditation.

3. 6hrs face-to-face practical training and instruction. This includes attendance at all sessions, observation and practical on-going assessment, participating in problem solving scenarios and on-going information and questioning. The class will also refresh the topics covered in the workbooks and dispel myths and reinforce best practice emergency care.

4. Short multiple choice theory test. During and towards end of the 6hr face-to-face session, there will be a short multiple choice test. The questions are relevant to what you have learnt in class and your workbook.

What you need to bring:

  • Completed Workbook or Printed Summary Page with all green ticks.
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Pen
  • Form of identification (Drivers License, Passport, Photo I.D. Card, Student card).

What you will receive on successful completion of the course:

On successful completion of the Apply First Aid (HLTFA311A) unit with incorporates the content of the following units: (HLTFA311A) Provide Basic Emergency Life Support and (HLTCPR211A) Perform CPR, students will receive an A4 certificate and a plastic wallet card that is valid for 3 years from the course completion date. An interim certificate can be issued on course day for any urgent certification.


For those students who would like to renew their certificates before the expiry date its as Simple as completing the 6hrs face-to-face practical assessment and short theory exam with no extra study. Simple!