19/06/2010 – The Brookvale Hotel

Simple Instruction’s first ever Apply First Aid training course at The Brookvale Hotel went very smoothly. The upstairs training area at The Brookvale Hotel was set up very professionally and had everything we needed to conduct an informative, successful course. The Brookvale Hotel also has a great downstairs dining area and restaurant but the students found pre-made cheap rolls at the TAB bar were ideal for a quick 30minute lunch break.

The course was made all the better with some very keen and capable Early Childhood teachersfrom Seaforth Kindergarten (www.seaforthkindergarten.com.au)  and Vets from the Pittwater Animal Hospital (www.pittwateranimalhospital.com.au) who were updating there Apply First Aid certificates. The students had a high level of knowledge and shared some great personal first aid experiences, that contributed to an enjoyable and realistic day for everyone, including myself.

I look forward to teaching more students from Seaforth Kindergarten next Sunday the 27/06/2010 and welcome anyone else from the Northern Beaches to come along to The Brookvale Hotel and get accredited with an Apply First Aid certificate (10am to 4pm) or a Perform CPR certificate (1pm to 4pm). Please contact me if you are interested. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂