Car Accident – Would you be able to provide First Aid care?

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Published in The Daily Telegraph, 16/07/2010, By Chelsea White.

Mystery of the three-way head-on.

HOW do three cars crash head-on? That’s the question accident investigators were left with yesterday after a bizarre accident outside a shopping centre.

The crash – which eventually involved five cars – on Mona Vale Rd at St Ives left 10 people injured, two of them seriously. Witnesses said the pile-up resulted from a minor bingle which triggered a chain reaction.

An elderly driver left the Woolworths petrol station shortly after 12.30pm and collided with another vehicle, sending the cars careering across a median strip into the path of oncoming traffic. Three cars crashed head-on and two more vehicles were swept up in the chaos.

It took emergency services more than an hour to free two elderly drivers who were trapped in the wreckage.

Both had serious injuries and were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital. Five others were also taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Nine ambulances were needed as well as the fire brigade and police.

Emergency services were again stretched to their limits when a truck and eight cars collided at Wentworth Falls at 4pm. Medics treated 11 people, with three taken to hospital.