Choking In Infants

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What would you do if your baby was choking? What are the signs that someone is choking? Can you save a loved one or even a stranger if they were choking? Is it time to book an Apply First Aid course or Perform CPR course with Simple Instruction?

Choking in Infants

Place the baby face down on your forearm, supporting the head and neck with one hand. Firmly hold the jaw with your hand. Tilt the child so that the head is lower than the rest of the body.

Rest your arm against your thigh for support, if the infant is large you may lay the baby across your lap. Keeping the head lower than the body.

With the heel of your free hand give up to 5 back blows between the shoulder blades

If the infant still can not breathing, turn them over, keep the head lower than the body and give 5 rapid chest compressions using only two or three fingers on the breastbone, one fingers width below the nipple line. 

If the baby remains conscious but still unable to breath repeat the back blows and chest thrusts untill the object is expelled or the infant becomes unconscious

If the baby becomes unconscious

Begin CPR

Check for foreign objects in the back of the throat, each time the mouth is opened, only if you can see an object should you try to remove it

Continue cpr till help arives.