Emergency First Aid – Keep it Simple!

The DRABCD Action Plan

D — check for DANGER — to you — to others — to the casualty

  • Make sure that no one else gets hurt. You will not be able to help if you are also a casualty.
  • Only proceed if it is safe to do so.

R — check for RESPONSE — is the casualty showing any signs of life?

  • Ask the casualty: COWS – “Can you hear me?” , “Open your eyes!”, “What is your name?” and ” Squeeze my hand!” 
  • If the casualty is conscious check for and manage bleeding and other injuries. If it is safe to do so put in the recovery position.
  • If the casualty is unresponsive call and ambulance on triple zero (000) or mobile (112).

A — clear and open the AIRWAY

  • – look inside the airway to make sure nothing is blocking it. If there is something blocking turn on side and remove with two fingers. – look for any rise and fall on the chest.
  • – listen for any wheezing and any signs of breath
  • – feel any breathing on your cheek. -feel for a rise or fall on the chest.


  • 2 x initial rescue breaths (repeat this step after after each set of compressions)


  • 30 x chest compressions – lower half of sternum – 1/3 depth of the casualties chest.
  • Continue Breaths and Compression cycles until emergency help arrives.


  • If a defibrillation machine in available follow the instructions of the machine

******************* Please remember if the casualty shows signs of life please put the casualty into the recovery position and continue to monitor and reassure the casualty.*********************