Narrabeen Sports High School – Apply First Aid Course, 13/08/2010.

Narrabeen Sports High School – Newsletter.

On the 13/08/2010, 13 Yr 11 PDHPE students received an accredited Apply First Aid certificate. The students completed the course as part of the Preliminary PDHPE HSC course, where students were required to learn how to respond to an emergency first aid situation. The  Yr 11 students who participated in the course were very knowledgable and talented students who have a good understanding of how to put their new found first aid skills into practice if they needed to. Simple Instruction (Mr Wood) conducted the Apply First Aid course and believed an enjoyable day was had by all. The students all passed with flying colours and were eager to get involved in all the practical components on the day. In the future Narrabeen Sports High School hopes to train all students from years 10 to 12, making our school a safer place and equipping our students with real life relevant skills that they will be able to use in the commmunity. The Apply First Aid training course gives students the ability not only to save someones life, but also to build confidence and caring for one another. By getting accredited with an Apply First Aid certificate it looks great in the students resume when looking for employment and if students are already employed it enables students to earn extra money in their casual and part-time jobs ($2 per shift in some jobs) working as the first aid attendant. 

To all NSW and ACT schools please click on the schools section on the website for more details for personalised training courses at your school.