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CPR training courses in schools.

January 6th, 2019

The Northern Beaches community would be happy if first aid and CPR was taught in all high schools across the Manly Warringah area. Simple Instruction already teaches Narrabeen Sports High School Year 11 students first aid and Year 8 students CPR.

Book in with Simple Instruction for a HLTAID003 Provide First Aid course, HLTAID001 Provide CPR course or the HLTAID004 Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting. All courses are held at the Dee Why RSL.

Teaching basic first aid in schools will be compulsory by 2020 but schools will be supported if they want to start earlier.

Plans to teach basic first aid in schools have been welcomed by the British Heart Foundation.

The charity calls the move a “decisive moment in the battle to improve cardiac arrest survival rates”.

There are 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK every year and fewer than 10% of these people survive.

The survival rates double, however, in countries where CPR is taught in schools.

Now the government says that from 2020 learning those key skills should be mandatory for every pupil.

By the time they leave secondary school, all youngsters in England will have been taught how to administer CPR, the purpose of defibrillators, and basic treatments for common injuries.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said: “Learning the basic skills of first aid and techniques like CPR will give young people the confidence to know that they can step in to help someone else in need and in the most extreme cases – it could potentially save a life.

“That’s why we took the decision to include health education alongside relationship education for primary school children and relationship and sex education for secondary children.

“These subjects are a crucial part of our work to ensure children learn the wider skills they need to flourish in the modern world.”

“Introducing CPR lessons into health education in all state-funded secondary schools is a significant step that promises to improve the odds of survival for countless people who have a cardiac arrest in the future.”

The government says it will offer support to schools who want to introduce the scheme this year, before it becomes compulsory in 2020.

Warringah Rats! First Title in 12 Years.

August 26th, 2017

First Title for the Warringah Rats in 12 Years! The RATS were playing for Lachlan Ward who passed away during a match earlier this season.

This is a great news story for the Rats and the Northern Beaches community. Overcoming adversity and turning the tragic events of Lachlan’s passing into a memorable season for all. Well done to all the Northern beaches community who showed up at North Sydney Oval to support the rats. Well done also to Luke Holmes a local Narrabeen Sports High School student and the heart of the Rats who played his 200th game for the Rats.

Remember to stay safe in all situations and be trained in first aid and CPR at our public courses held at the Dee Why RSL.

Apply First Aid Northern Beaches (Senior First Aid)

June 1st, 2017

Northern Beaches First Aid and CPR specialist Simple Instruction still knows many customers are referring to the Provide First Aid Training Course HLTAID003 as the Apply First Aid Course or the Senior First Aid Course. Its nice to know that Simple Instruction stays up to date with our teaching and our naming of our training courses.

Located at the Dee Why RSL (DYRSL) on the Northern Beaches we have been providing training courses for local High School Narrabeen Sports High School and Barrenjoey High School through participant contributions.

With clients from Avalon, Davidson, Belrose, Newport, Manly, Frenchs Forest, Beacon Hill, Cromer and Seaforth all singing our praises it is no wonder we are the Number 1 training organisation on the Northern Beaches.

Allen’s Training RTO 90909 and Simple Instruction First Aid and CPR courses have provided accredited courses for the region.

Northern Beaches First Aid Course – Dee Why, Brookvale, Manly, Belrose, Palm Beach, Mosman, Narrabeen

August 16th, 2016

Simple Instruction is the leading training course provider for the Northern Beaches and Sydney. Simple Instrcution specialises in First Aid and CPR courses, conducting training in Provide First Aid HLTAID003, Provide CPR HLTAID001, Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting HLTAID004 and the Police Mask Training.

Our trainers are Northern Beaches locals and give back to the Northern Beaches Community where possible with reduced course costs for local schools including Narrabeen Sports High School, Pittwater High School and Barrenjoey High School. By giving back to our community through education, we are making the Northern Beaches a safer place for everyone.

Simple Instruction conducts our training courses at the Dee Why RSL which is centrally located on Northern Beaches of Sydney. We look forward to having you a at course soon in Dee Why. If you would like a private course, please contact Ian via email.

Online White Card courses are also conducted through Simple Instruction’s sister company Online White Card Australia . Online White Card Australia is the leader in this field and provides training to not only the Northern Beaches and Sydney but also all states and territories.

Northern Beaches Council – Training Course for Students and Parents

July 4th, 2016

The Northern Beaches Council (Manly Council, Warringah Council and Pittwater Council) are very proud to invite Dr Michael Carr-Gregg who is presenting the Surviving Year 12 training course at Narrabeen Sports High School and Glenn Street Theater in Belrose. This is a great initiative by the Northern Beaches council and is one of the first joint events put on for youth as an amalgamated council.

Simple Instruction is a Northern Beaches First Aid and CPR provider who wants our youth to be happy healthy and safe in all areas of their lives. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, one of Australia’s leading authorities on teenage behaviour will talk to senior students, parents and carers about how to study smarter, deal with stress and anxiety, keep things in perspective and enjoy Year 12.

For further education training courses including, Provide First Aid HLTAID003 (Formerly known as Senior First Aid and Apply First Aid, Provide an emergency first aid response in an education or care setting HLATID004 and Provide CPR HLTAID001 please make a booking on

First aid and CPR learnt at school saves Lives.

November 1st, 2015

Chloe Booker
Published: October 11, 2015 – 7:25PM

An eight-year-old Altona North boy is being praised after using first aid training learnt at school to save a four-year-old boy from drowning.

Judd Greenham was playing in a Port Douglas resort pool while on a family holiday when he saw Matthew Sagar slip on a step, hit his head and fall unconscious to the bottom of the pool.

Although there were five adults watching over the shallow pool about noon on September 30, it happened so quickly that Judd was the only person to see the incident.

“The little boy slipped over on a step and hit his head and then I scooped him up,” Judd said. “His eyes were rolling back.”

St John Ambulance had visited Judd’s grade 2 class at Sacred Heart Primary School in Newport as part of its first aid in schools program in May.

Judd said his pool safety training kicked in and he began to practice what he’d been taught.

“I pulled his head up from the water,” he said. “I [put] my hand under his nose to see if he was breathing and he wasn’t breathing.”

Judd then called his mother, Natasha, who phoned an ambulance as Matthew’s father jumped in the pool.

Paramedics arrived and Matthew slowly regained consciousness as Judd stood over him repeating questions he learnt at school, such as “how many fingers am I holding up”?

The first aid program’s manager, Martin Wells, said the training had given Judd the confidence to act quickly to save Matthew’s life.

“He was five seconds away from being dead,” he said.

“It’s another testament to the proof that first aid training saves lives and you’re never too young or too old to learn what to do when in an emergency.”

Mr Wells said once water entered a child’s lungs, there was a 90 per cent chance of death at the poolside.

If paramedics were able to revive the child, there was still only a 2 per cent survival rate in hospital.

“We’re talking about a couple of seconds between life and death,” he said.

Mr Wells said it showed how important it was for all members of the public to learn first aid.

Matthew’s father, Peter Sagar, said the Strathmore family was “very fortunate” no water had entered the boy’s lungs.

“Judd was great,” he said. “He was onto him so quickly it didn’t given him a chance for anything to happen.”

Ms Greenham said she was “completely overwhelmed” and planned to take her son to SeaWorld to swim with dolphins as a reward.

Judd remained humble about his actions but said he was “very proud” of his efforts and wanted to learn more first aid.

“I kept giving him cuddles [afterwards] because I was scared of anything happening to him, so I was happy.”

This story was found at:

Book an online CPR or First Aid course at the Dee Why RSL and get yourself trained for Summer. Simple Instruction is a Northern Beaches First Aid provider that gives back to the local community and schools. In 2015, Narrabeen Sports High School Students will all receive a CPR certificate as part of the PDHPE program.

Dee Why CPR Course

October 19th, 2015

Simple Instruction is the Northern Beaches leading First Aid and CPR provider. We are happy to announce that we have moved from Brookvale to Dee Why. We are based out of the Dee Why RSL and couldn’t be happier with the modern and state of the art function rooms the Dee Why RSL provides. Our clients have also given excellent feedback on the room and the food available at the Dee Why RSL.

We support the local community at every stage of our business and would like to thank the local community for helping Simple Instruction provide subsidised courses for Narrabeen Sports High School.

Book in with Simple Instruction for a local Northern Beaches First Aid and CPR training course today.

Pittwater Life Magazine – Narrabeen Sports High School – CPR skills

October 11th, 2015



Setting the agenda: Ian Wood with Narrabeen Sports High students Kye Creed, Kylie Sakiyama, Caitlin Cimarosti, Caitlin Hickey and Jeremy Tolman.

Pittwater is leading the way in education innovation with Narrabeen Sports High to become the first school in NSW to accredit all students from Years 7-11 with CPR certificates.

This comes ahead of the draft plan to incorporate accredited CPR courses into the national curriculum for Health and Physical Education (HPE) in 2018. By the end of this year, every NSHS pupil will have their certificate.

Named the ‘Breath of Life’ program, it requires students to sit a half-hour online exam followed by a theory and prac­tical training session, concluded with a multiple choice test.

Head of PDHPE Ian Wood told Pittwater Life: “The most important thing about equipping students with CPR is that they have a life skill. What we’re removing is that help­lessness in an emergency situ­ation, and building confidence at a young age.

“Our students are 21st century learners – they want to see it and do it, not just read about it,” he added.

Instead of forking out $60 for an external course, students will pay a subsidised cost of $10. The program will be conducted by Ian who is also a certified trainer, through his company Simple Instruction. “With over 600 students in the school, it does take time but we are making the commitment to have it done by late December.

“On the Northern Beaches, we’re surrounded by beautiful waterways and beaches so coming into summer this skill is crucial,” he continued.

“That they can help somebody is so important for not only our school but the whole community.”

As the CPR certificate lasts for one year, the school plans to refresh the program annu­ally during Term Four, as an updated learning process.

Students at NSHS are excited about gaining the experience. Caitlin Cimarosti (Year 11) says the skill is something that will stay with her beyond schooling.

“CPR is important because I’ll know what to do in an emergency situation. It’s a good thing to take into the workforce and it makes for a safer community” she said.

Parents are also grateful their kids will have this opportunity. Diane Tolman, Parent of Year 7 student Jeremy, said: “My son hasn’t been through surf club nippers and he would greatly benefit from learning this valuable skill. He is often in surf pools and on sporting fields, where CPR would be extremely useful to him and the people around him.”

Concluded Ian: “We want a safe, happy school and community and this initiative goes a long way in doing that.”
– Keely McDonough

Dee Why First Aid and CPR Courses, Northern Beaches, Sydney.

February 2nd, 2015

Simple Instruction has been supplying Dee Why and the Northern Beaches with high quality, cheap First Aid courses for the last 5 years.

Simple Instruction would like to thank the Northern Beaches community for not only supporting us throughout the last five years but making us number 1.

We have taken our courses to all parts of Sydney, however, the Northern Beaches has always been the local community that we support and it has supported us back. We are giving back to local schools and have completed subsided courses for high schools teaching around 400 stuudents from Narrabeen Sports High School, Pittwater High School, Freshwater and Balgowlah Boys.

Please make a booking with Simple Instruction at the Brookvale Hotel – your number 1 first aid provider.

Course include –

Provide First Aid HLTAID003

Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting HLTAID004

Provide CPR HLTAID001

Asthma and Anaphylaxis Combined (22099VIC) and (22282VIC)



Educational CPR will be taught in schools by Simple Instruction

January 6th, 2015

Simple Instruction is going ahead with its plan to give back to the Northern Beaches Community. We plan to teach as many students CPR and First Aid in 2015. Narrabeen Sports High School Year 7 Students will be the first cohort taught CPR and we will work through all students to become a safer and more caring local community.

We find it disheartening to read the article in the Daily Telegraph :

Support Narrabeen Sports High School become the first school in NSW to train all staff and students in CPR by booking a course with Simple Instruction. $5 from all bookings in January, February and March will go towards our school training fund.

Simple Instruction is a local Northern Beaches First Aid and CPR provider and we give back to our local community.

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