Pittwater Life Magazine – Narrabeen Sports High School – CPR skills




Setting the agenda: Ian Wood with Narrabeen Sports High students Kye Creed, Kylie Sakiyama, Caitlin Cimarosti, Caitlin Hickey and Jeremy Tolman.

Pittwater is leading the way in education innovation with Narrabeen Sports High to become the first school in NSW to accredit all students from Years 7-11 with CPR certificates.

This comes ahead of the draft plan to incorporate accredited CPR courses into the national curriculum for Health and Physical Education (HPE) in 2018. By the end of this year, every NSHS pupil will have their certificate.

Named the ‘Breath of Life’ program, it requires students to sit a half-hour online exam followed by a theory and prac­tical training session, concluded with a multiple choice test.

Head of PDHPE Ian Wood told Pittwater Life: “The most important thing about equipping students with CPR is that they have a life skill. What we’re removing is that help­lessness in an emergency situ­ation, and building confidence at a young age.

“Our students are 21st century learners – they want to see it and do it, not just read about it,” he added.

Instead of forking out $60 for an external course, students will pay a subsidised cost of $10. The program will be conducted by Ian who is also a certified trainer, through his company Simple Instruction. “With over 600 students in the school, it does take time but we are making the commitment to have it done by late December.

“On the Northern Beaches, we’re surrounded by beautiful waterways and beaches so coming into summer this skill is crucial,” he continued.

“That they can help somebody is so important for not only our school but the whole community.”

As the CPR certificate lasts for one year, the school plans to refresh the program annu­ally during Term Four, as an updated learning process.

Students at NSHS are excited about gaining the experience. Caitlin Cimarosti (Year 11) says the skill is something that will stay with her beyond schooling.

“CPR is important because I’ll know what to do in an emergency situation. It’s a good thing to take into the workforce and it makes for a safer community” she said.

Parents are also grateful their kids will have this opportunity. Diane Tolman, Parent of Year 7 student Jeremy, said: “My son hasn’t been through surf club nippers and he would greatly benefit from learning this valuable skill. He is often in surf pools and on sporting fields, where CPR would be extremely useful to him and the people around him.”

Concluded Ian: “We want a safe, happy school and community and this initiative goes a long way in doing that.”
– Keely McDonough