Australian Resuscitation Council – new CPR changes.

The Australian Resuscitation Council has officially announced the new CPR changes.

Basically the only change really is not performing the initial two rescue breaths, but commencing with compressions and the education of sending for the ambulance/community first responders and acknowledging the defibrillation is now a skill that should be taught at the first aid level.

References to signs of life is also removed from the policy statements as these are open to interpretation and feedback from member organisations suggests that the term ‘signs of life’ is confusing.

The focus from the first responder should be on unresponsive and not breathing normally as the indicators for resuscitation.

The pneumonic has changed to DRS ABCD
D. Check for Danger

R. Check for Response

S. Send for help

A. Open the Airway

B. Check Breathing if not, no need to deliver two rescue breaths at this point

C. Compressions. Rescuers to perform 30 Compressions to victims who are unresponsive and not breathing normally, followed by 2 breaths. If unwilling / unable to perform rescue breathing, then perform compression only CPR.

D. Defibrillator. Directs rescuers to attach an AED as soon as it is available

The major change is that in the victim who is unresponsive and not breathing normally, you commence CPR with chest compressions rather than rescue breaths.

If the first aider is not willing or untrained, then they are advised to do compressions only CPR. Many ambulance call centres
advise callers who are needing to do CPR, to complete compressions only CPR.

You would be aware that Simple Instruction and Allens Training Pty Ltd is an avocate, for ease of training and also to encourage bystanders to have a go and support the concept of compressions only CPR.

The new guidelines can also be sourced from

I hope this information has been helpful.

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