BlueBottles – Bondi and Northern Beaches Affected

After a dramatic weekend with Bluebottles up and down the Northern Beaches from Manly to Palm Beach it is important to refresh ourselves in how to treat such stings.

What to do:

Keep the patient calm and at rest.
Reassure and monitor.
Remove the tenatacle with your fingers tips (you won’t get stung on the finger tips).
Rinse with seawater.
Place stung area in HOT water for 20 minutes (as hot as patient can stand – we do not want to burn them).
If pain is unrelievable or not available by heat then apply a cold pack.
If pain persists call and ambulance and seek attention from the lifeguard.

Remember to update your First Aid skills at one of Simple Instruction’s Apply First Aid or Perform CPR training courses which are held at the Brookvale Hotel. 2011 course dates are now on the website.