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First aid at home

Dr Andrew Rochford joins TODAY with advice on how to become better equipped in dealing with accidents at home.

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Just about everybody will need access to a first aid kit at one point, so, the key to optimal safety is preparation.

  • Always have a well-stocked first aid kit handy and be sure to keep it within easy reach. 
  • Ensuring that all items are gathered ahead of time will allow you to handle the emergency at hand more efficiently. 
  • First aid kits vary. What your home needs all depends on your medical training and how far you are from professional help. 
  • You should have a kit in your kitchen, in your car and always have one handy when you’re on vacation. 
  • The kitchen is often the heart of your house – where most activities take place. Unlike the bathroom, the kitchen doesn’t have too much humidity, which can actually shorten the life of many items. 
  • The kit that lives in your car should have similar contents to that of your home first air kit. 
  • Your travel kit should be kept in your suitcase, or backpack depending on your activity. Again, it needs to be easily accessible.

To purchase First Aid Kits from a local Northern Beaches Business take a look at . These First Aid kits are ideal for surfers, backpackers or anyone who is active and constantly on the go. Great to keep in your car or to give as a present to a friend or family member in the case of an emergency.

If you would like to book into an Apply First Aid course or a Perform CPR course with Simple Instruction. Please contact Ian on 0411557705 or by emailing [email protected] . Stay safe!

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