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In case of emergencies, people in reflective jackets – who you might expect are only delivering a food order – could also help the needy with newly acquired first-aid skills.

Some 150 Deliveroo riders and walkers in Hong Kong are among the first in the Asia Pacific region to be offered 15 free first-aid training classes administered by Hong Kong Red Cross in April.

In August 2018 Deliveroo UK pushed first-aid education after research commissioned by the British Red Cross reported that only 5% of the 2,000 respondents in the United Kingdom said they would feel knowledgeable, confident and willing to act in emergencies

The situation is just as severe in Hong Kong as first aid is yet to be mandatory in school curriculum, leaving members of the public to depend on the government’s emergency services.

On April 17, a class of riders and walkers had a taste of their upcoming first aid training by attending a demonstration session at Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters

In the first example, a passer-by was said to have sustained a minor cut on the right forearm. Leung Yiu-wah, chairman of First Aid Advisory Panel at Hong Kong Red Cross, and one of the providers of the Deliveroo course, showed how to handle the incident.

“First, stay calm and check scene safety. Second, check for patient’s response, and reassure him that you could offer him help as you have learned first aid,” said Leung.

Putting on a pair of medical gloves for personal protection, Leung said some sterilised gauze should be pressed on the wound with direct pressure to stop the bleeding. The injured limb should be elevated with an arm sling using a triangular bandage.

“We encourage everyone in Hong Kong to enhance their own first aid education,” said Leung Yiu-wah, chairman of First Aid Advisory Panel, Hong Kong Red Cross, who is performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Photo: Deliveroo Hong Kong Two demonstrations were given on how to handle a situation where a person became unresponsive with no breathing or no pulse. Leung performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the first case, and CPR with the application of an automated external defibrillator (AED) in the second case.

Deliveroo riders and walkers are listening attentively to HKRC instructors demonstrating CPR and AED. Photo: Deliveroo Hong Kong

Despite being only two hours long, the training program, which has been tailor-made and standardised for Deliveroo, equips learners with basic life support skills and is a stepping stone to advanced skills, said Barbara Tai, Manager (First Aid Training) at HKRC.

“Participants are also encouraged to do other first-aid courses, for example, a standard first-aid certificate course and first-aid workshop for road safety as top-up,” added Tai.

Trained Deliveroo riders and walkers not only benefit personally from their new knowledge, they also improve public safety as they move around the city where emergencies could happen at any time.

Rider Ng Wai-kit said the training program attracted him because of its meaning and usefulness. Although he has not come across any emergencies yet, he now feels he is prepared if anything comes up that requires his knowledge.

Tom Cheng, head of operations for Deliveroo, said that life comes first, regardless of the delivery.

“It is more than welcome when a rider or walker can put their skills into practical use, and that is the reason for the program. They need not worry too much as they could always keep the customers service center informed and other arrangements could be sorted out,” Cheng said.

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