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What’s on in the Northern Beaches, Sydney?

March 12th, 2017

What’s on in the Northern Beaches, Sydney? What a great website to see what is happening around the beautiful Northern Beaches. Manly and Northern Beaches events and visitor information website has plenty to do and great accommodation and shopping information and highlights.

Consider booking in for a Provide First Aid HLTAID003 or Provide CPR HLTAID001 course with Simple Instruction at the Dee Why RSL. We can keep all Northern Beaches locals and tourists safe while they are having fun. Book in for a online, cheap, relevant and informative course ASAP.

Check out this great site:

Manly Daily – 09/08/11

August 10th, 2011

Why our children have ADHD, allergies and anxiety

8 Aug 11 @  06:00pm by Carleen Frost

PARENTS are being urged to get back to basics and lead a more “primitive” lifestyle to boost their child’s health and happiness.

Narrabeen Dr Robyn Cosford said returning to “real” food, avoiding artificial light and switching off wireless internet were the first steps she recommended to her patients, particularly those with behavioural problems.

Dr Cosford believes wireless internet and other household appliances could be changing the function of the brain.

“The first thing that we try to get our parents to do is getting their kids to eat all real foods – no more processed or packaged foods,” she said.

“We have this very strong tendency for the diet to be predominantly wheat and sugar-based, so it’s not uncommon that the children have an adverse reaction to those foods.

“A true food allergy is not that common. Food intolerance or food insensitivity is very common.”

Dr Cosford, the founder of the Northern Beaches Care Centre, will address the Mindd Foundation’s International Forum on Children in Randwick this weekend.

The forum will focus on the links between nutrition and lifestyle and conditions such as ADHD, allergies, anxiety and digestive problems.

She said her message would be about “restoring” lifestyles.

“The environment is increasingly toxic and more and more people are having a problem,” she said.

“We have to get back to going outside and connecting with the Earth and cutting out all this artificial light.

“If people could do these basics, straight away they will find a significant change in their child’s behaviours.”

 Primitive: Eat “real’’ foods and avoid processed foods where possible.
 Preservatives: Always check the ingredients on the packet.
 Packaged: Even if it’s packaged, choose a healthy option.
 Pre-prepared: Always ask what’s in takeaway food.

Fresh is best for our kids

EATING fresh food and keeping active were among the main reasons Michael Harvey wanted to raise his daughter Chloe on the northern beaches.

The father-of-one said spending time outdoors, with plenty of exercise, was a way of life on the peninsula.

“We both lead pretty active lifestyles, her mum and myself,” he said.

“We try to eat reasonably well and play as much sport as we can.

“We have lived in a few places and we have relatives around Sydney and they talk about childhood obesity and we don’t really see that on the northern beaches because the lifestyle is so active.’’

Mr Harvey said he and his partner tried to avoid giving Chloe processed and prepackaged foods and encouraged her to play outside as often as possible.

The one-year-old has even been practising her surfing moves for when she’s old enough to paddle out.

“We don’t really give her too much of that sort of stuff,” he said of sugary, processed foods.

“If she has chocolate we notice the sugar rush pretty quickly. And she’s pretty active – we try to get her outside a couple of times a day because she sleeps better and she’s happier.”

To learn what to do if your child has an allergy come to Simple Instruction’s Apply First Aid or Perform CPR course on the 27th of August 2011 at the Brookvale Hotel.

Full article:

Layne Beachley – Dee Why Classic.

May 5th, 2011

Get down to Dee Why and support the Layne Beachley Classic. There are some fantastic womens surfers and a great atmosphere.

Layne Beachley believes a men's World Tour event should be held along the northern beaches  Picture: MARTIN LANGE

Layne Beachley believes a men’s World Tour event should be held along the northern beaches Picture: MARTIN LANGE

Manly Daily

Dee Why ready to host mens ASP.

3 May 11 @ 04:02pm by Andrew Prentice

 SEVEN-TIME world champion Layne Beachley believes “there is definitely room” for a men’s ASP world tour event on the northern beaches.

Manly beach hosted the last elite world tour event when Taj Burrow won the Coke Surf Classic in 1999.

North Narrabeen also entertained the men in the early 1990s, with the world junior titles also held there in recent years.

Beachley launched her own event for women in 2006, which current world no. 1 Stephanie Gilmore took out after receiving a wildcard.

Gilmore is now a three-time Beachley Classic winner, with Brazilian Silvana Lima (2009) and south coast youngster Tyler Wright (2008) the other victors.

Beachley yesterday said she would love to see the likes of Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith ripping at Dee Why Point.

“It would be fantastic, an event plenty of people would be drawn to,” she said as she launched the sixth Beachley Classic yesterday with perfect waves in the background.

“We have been fortunate in recent years to attract the top women’s surfers to our shores, and the standard has been incredible.

“A perception seems to exist that the northern beaches doesn’t have the best waves, but you wouldn’t find many complaining about what has Dee Why dished up this week.

“It would be fantastic to have both the guys and girls competing for ASP points in our community backyard.”

Beachley was also chuffed at the success of her wildcard competitors.

“Steph (Gilmore) led the way early on, and we all saw what Tyler(Wright) did at the age of 14,” she said.

“Now we have Nikki van Dijk, to beat Sally Fitzgibbons and Laura Enever at the age of 16 is out of this world.

“That is what the event is all about, giving youngsters an opportunity.

“There is no pressure, it is a great learning curve.”

Remember to be safe out in the water and know what to do in an emergency. If you would like to come to Simple Instruction’s Apply First Aid or Perform CPR training course please email or phone Ian and we he will book you in.

Manly CPR refresher course, Northern Beaches, Sydney.

April 28th, 2011

Simple Instruction’s Perform CPR refresher course is now $15 cheaper than most training organisations in Sydney. The Perform CPR training course is now $45.

Simple Instruction also offers the Perform CPR course within our public courses that are held regularly at The Brookvale Hotel / Pub. Our upcoming dates are the : 21/05/2011 and the 11th of June 2011. The Perform CPR course is conducted in the afternoon session from 1pm till 3pm of the Apply First Aid Training Course (formerly called Senior First Aid) check the website for any updated course dates.

Our Perform CPR refresher courses can also be conducted within your own training facility at a time that suits you. Simple Instruction understands the importance of being flexible with small businesses and we will work with you as best we can to get your staff trained.

Many thanks and congratulations to some great local businesses for booking and completing courses from the Northern Beaches should be made to: Fitness First Dee Why, Fitness First Mona Vale, Belrose Kindergarten, Rodborough Road Child Care and Top Gear Australia.

This course is quick, Simple and a necessary requirement for nurses, teachers, police, personal trainers, construction sites, council workers, child care facilities and many other industries.

Pleases contact Simple instruction if you would like to book a course on 0411 557 405 or by emailing [email protected] .

Become a friend with Simple Instruction on www.facebook.comby searching for Simple Instruction and clicking the ‘like’ button. This will enable you to follow updates and find new course dates while checking your facebook.

Manly Daily – Tackling Asthma. Action Plan

February 24th, 2011

What a great article’Tackling Asthma’ in the Manly Daily on Tuesday the 22/02/2011 by Wendy Kay. As a school teacher and a First Aid trainer it was refreshing to see how we can manage Asthma whilst still participating in physical activity and keeping children healthy.

I hear of so many parents withdrawing their children from sporting teams and carnivals to ‘protect them’ from having an Asthma Attack. The Action Plan put together by Wendy is very simple and should be adopted by parents who have children with Asthma.


  • Get an asthma action plan from the doctor to help manage their individual condition.
  • Ensure they take their daily preventer medication all year round and carry their puffer or reliever medication with them at all times.
  • Make sure the school knows your child has asthma.
  • Check to see if they’ve had free asthma training from Asthma Foundation NSW to help them cope in an emergency and that they are aware of the Asthma Sports Pack.

If you would like to be a part of Simple Instruction’s Apply First Aid or Perform CPR training courses that are conducted at The Brookvale Hotel on the Northern Beaches. Please check the website for course dates or contact Ian Wood – (Phone – 0411 557 405) (email – [email protected]).

Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run and Cole Classic – Dee Why and Manly

February 3rd, 2011

Photos of the Sun Run and Cole Classic 🙂



The beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney will be alive this weekend with many people taking part in the Dee Why to Manly Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run on Saturday the 5th of February 2011 followed by the Sydney Morning Hearld Cole Classic Swim on Sunday the 6th of February 2011 from Shelley Beach to Manly.

The event raises money for over 500 charities – including Manly Surf Life Saving Club and is a much needed boost to local tourism in both Manly and Warringah.

If you would like to take part have a look at these websites : and . Please remember entries will not be taken on the day.

If you would like accomodation over the weekend please stay locally and enjoy a night out in Manly. Great Hotels, Hostels or Apartments can be found on: , , . Enjoy your time in Manly and best of luck to everyone.

Simple Instruction would love you to come to one of our Apply First Aid or Perform CPR training courses the following weekend Saturday the 12th of February 2011 at the Brookvale Hotel. Course times are 10am to 4pm (Apply First Aid) and 1pm to 3pm (Perform CPR) for a relaxing, informative, enjoyable and above all Simple training course.

New course dates have now been posted for March and April.

Learn to Swim and Prevent Drownings this summer.

October 20th, 2010

On the Beaches and Around the House

Q: What is a rip?
A rip is a seaward-moving water current. After waves have broken and run to the shore, the accumulated water then moves away from the shore through a pathway of least resistance – usually the deepest point. This moving pathway is called a rip.

Q: Where do rips occur?
Rips occur along almost all stretches of beach and in and around rocks, breakwalls or any permanent fixture in the ocean. The larger the waves, the stronger and larger the rips. Most seaward-running rips normally end not far beyond the level of the breaking waves.

Q: What do I do if I get caught in a rip?
Side currents can cause people to be washed off swimming areas where waves break on sandbars. Staying calm is essential. Not swimming directly against the rip is important and strong swimmers only should swim at an angle across the rip. At patrolled beaches it is best to request assistance by raising a straight arm and calling out for help. Floating and conserving energy is important until help arrives.

Struggling against a rip is a quick way to exhaustion and a step closer to panic and tragedy.

Q: Who patrols beaches?
Volunteer lifesavers and professional lifeguards patrol beaches. Some beaches are patrolled by lifeguards all year round.

Professional lifeguards employed by Councils are paid to work 5-7 days each week on the majority of NSW popular beaches.  They are recognised as wearing long sleeved white shirts with blue collars and cuffs and the word “LIFEGUARD” in red block letters.  In some cases they wear other uniforms such as the red and yellow uniform which is much the same as the volunteer lifesavers. 

Q: Do I need to supervise my child in the pool constantly?
Tragically, many drownings happen in the few seconds that parents are distracted. Supervision means your child is being continually watched by you or an appropriate adult.
Supervision should be constant, not the occasional glance whilst you read a book or relax. Regardless of what you are doing, always keep watch when children are in, on or around water. Take your child with you whenever you leave the swimming pool or bathtub. Never under any circumstances leave them alone!
Create a checklist:

  • Is your child being supervised?
  • Have you emptied the bathtub?
  • Is the lid on the nappy bucket?
  • Can your child gain access to the pool or spa?
  • Have you checked for other water dangers such as open drains, garden ponds, creeks or dams?

Q: Why do I need to learn resuscitation?
A child’s life may be saved if the parents or carers have the proper knowledge and skills to rescue and resuscitate quickly and confidently.

Simple Instruction wants to decrease the the amount of drownings this summer in and around the house and on our beautiful beaches. By following some Simple steps we can ensure our whole family is always safe. I know it can sound very childish but the message Kids Alive – Do the Five! is a great message that every Australian and tourist should adhere to. The message is Simple:

1. Fence the pool
2. Shut the gate
3. Teach your kids to swim – it’s great
4. Supervise – watch your mate and
5. Learn how to resuscitate

Simple Instruction can’t help you with the first four points above but we can help you with number 5. Learn How to resuscitate. So come along to either our Apply First Aid course ($110-$115) or our Perform CPR course ($45) held at the Brookvale Hotel / Pub and you can learn the skills that may save a family members life.

Manly – Events and Things to do.

September 21st, 2010

Simple Instruction is a local Northern Beaches First Aid and CPR training provider that supports community programs and events. If you are looking for something to do in and around Manly, have a look at the opportunitities listed below and choose something that suits you.

This table was taken from the Manly Council website : . Please also have a look at to find out up-to-date infromation on all things Manly. Enjoy!

September 22 Lyneham High School Performance 10am-12pm Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
25 Manly Freshwater National Surfing Reserve: Manly Ocean Beachfront 11am-12:30pm Manly Beach Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430 
30 Australian Heart and Lung Transplant Association fundraising 8am-3.30pm Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
OCTOBER 2010        
2-4 Long Weekend Manly Jazz Festival 11.30-6pm Manly CBD Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
6 Baby Bounce and Rhyme: ages 3-18months, Free, No bookings required 10.30am & 1pm Manly Library Manly Library T: 9976 1747
8 World Food Markets 5:00pm- 9:00pm Council Chamber Forecourt Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
10 Concours D’Elegance Australia 7:00am- 5:00pm International College of Management Concours D’Elegance Australia T: 1300 229 961
10 Manly District Band   Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
13 Book Discussion Group: Scotch Mist – Free, No bookings Required 6pm Manly Library Manly Library           T:9976 1747
15 World Food Markets 5:00pm- 9:00pm Council Chamber Forecourt Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
17 Manly Wine Fair 10:00am-5:00pm International College of Management International College of Management                    T: 9977 0333
22 World Food Markets 5:00pm- 9:00pm Council Chamber Forecourt Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
22 Cancer Council NSW – Pink Ribbon Day 6.30am-5pm Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
24 Manly Warringah Pipe Band 2pm-4pm Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
29 Canteen – Bandanna Day   Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430
30 World League for Protection of Animals Fundraising 9 am – 4pm Manly Corso Manly Visitor Information Centre T: 9976 1430

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