First Aid Legal Issues Australia

Legal Issues Rescuers need not fear litigation if they come to the aid of a fellow human in need. No ‘Good Samaritan’ or volunteer in Australia has never been successfully sued for the consequences of rendering assistance to a person in need. A ‘Good Samaritan’ is defined in legislation as a person acting without the expectation of financial or other […]

Calling an Ambulance

What is a medical emergency? Always call triple zero (000) for an ambulance in the following circumstances. If you are unsure the operators will talk you through any situation. Unconscious person – who doesn’t wake or respond when shaken. Heart attack (suspected) – pain in the chest, especially if it is crushing or like indigestion and lasts more than five […]

Apply First Aid Course and Perform CPR, this weekend on the Northern Beaches. Saturday the 16/10/10 at the Brookvale Hotel.

Simple Instruction is conducting both it’s Apply First Aid (formerly called Senior First Aid) andPerform CPR training courses on Saturday the 16th of October, 2010, at the Brookvale Hotel / Pub on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. The Apply First Aid course will start at 10am and go until 4pm. While during the same day / course the Perform CPR refresher course will […]

Simple Instruction’s – Apply First Aid Training Course

The Questions? Some people have asked: What will I be learning on the day? Are Simple Instruction’s courses accredited and recognised in all industries? Is the the Apply First Aid Certificate the same as my previous Senior First Aid Certificate? The Answers. Simple Instruction ABN 86307908724 is a co-provider, and our Apply First Aid and Perform CPR  training courses  are conducted under the auspices and in partnership […]

First Aid Supplies

Thank you very much to Allen’s Training for being so efficient in getting my training supplies delivered to me. Manikins, roller bandages, face masks, Epi pen trainer and alot more will have me up and running First Aid course and CPR courses on the Northern Beaches very soon. I am still looking for a great training facility with onsite parking; the Brookvale […]